Are hotfixes and rollbacks becoming a norm?

Poor documentation causing incorrect assumptions
System disruptions from inadequate change impact assessments
Inconsistent and unreliable test suites and coverage
Increased production errors due to traffic spikes
Tyke empowers you to deliver bug-free code and a delightful user experience.
User Experience

Effortless code change impact assessment

User Experience

Instant test creation with real-world scenarios

User Experience

Automated and continuous API documentation

Are you committed to providing your end users with an error-free experience?

Are you committed to scaling your systems while maintaining production quality and prioritizing user experience?

Say goodbye to guesswork! Leverage Tyke to accurately assess change impact and make informed decisions with confidence.
Tyke for code change impact assessment
  • Helps evaluate the business impact of code changes, such as modifications to operations, methods, or functions.
  • Identifies APIs affected by database changes, such as alterations to tables or queries.
  • Empowers engineering teams to assess the magnitude and nature of the impact prior to deploying the change.
Engineering leadership makes IT change decisions with absolute clarity!
Regression for the sake of regression does not serve the true essence of regression.
Tyke for regression testing
  • Empowers teams in performing realistic regression testing by simulating real-world scenarios.
  • Enables comprehensive validation, including end-to-end tests, of even minor code modifications within minutes.
  • Eliminates the dependency on outdated and stagnant regression suites by generating fresh regression suites for every change request
Experience the freedom of efficient regression testing!
It's time to bid adieu to time-consuming manual test setup and scripting.
Tyke for functional testing
  • Automated test generation that covers all critical boundary and edge cases.
  • AI powered dependency identification and completely automated data setup.
  • Seamless test execution by mocking all third-party services.
With Tyke, end-to-end tests for every change become a breeze, making isolated unit tests a thing of the past.
Stop generating unrealistic load that doesn't reflect reality.
Tyke for load testing
  • Tyke enables load testing with real-world loads, mimicking exact production conditions.
  • Builds properly sequenced tests with bridged dependencies for an unbroken flow.
  • Allows stress testing of code components rather than simple scenarios.
Switch to Tyke for a smarter approach to performing real and meaningful load tests.
It’s a beast!
The most powerful test execution engine in the market
40x faster compared to legacy Java and Python based tools
Tyke is akin to a magical wandleft quoteright quote
Stateful operations
Overlooked setups
Compromised data conditions
Optimal test identification
Dependency detection
Automated test creation
Lightning-fast test execution
Experience a significant leap in your testing processes with Tyke!
Dev productivity
QA productivity
Reduced production bugs
Avoided rollbacks & sleep-less nights
Efficiently deliver changes without causing disruptions to existing functionality!
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